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MISSION: To be Australia’s leader in identifying, establishing and operating premium childcare centres and provider of high quality childcare education.

Our corporate strategy is built on strengthening the three central components which create the basis of Australian Childcare Projects.




Acquisitions: We aim to identify highly profitable, sustainable sites that will ultimately lead to the establishment of thriving childcare centres with optimal occupancy.

Childcare: We aim to provide the best possible, high quality care to all children and to ensure that they feel unique, loved and nurtured, all the while preparing them for their school years

People: We believe in working together and value honest, effective communication with our families, employees and shareholders. We are committed to creating a rewarding culture with a strong focus on furthering professional and personal development.



We endeavour to fulfil this mission by engaging and upholding the values on which ACP was founded:

Integrity: Integrity is consciously woven into every action we take and decision we make.

Communication: We value honest, effective communication with our families, employees and shareholders.

Synergy: We believe in working together to create a harmonious environment both at the corporate and individual childcare centre level.

Leadership: We value our responsibility as leaders within the childcare industry and acknowledge the importance of providing safe, inspiring environments in combination with high quality education to help shape our people of tomorrow.

Distinction: To provide the next level of service in the childcare industry and provide advanced educational programming that will give our centres the leading edge in the current market and encourage children to discover their unlimited innate potential.